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Comparison Shopping
Comparison shopping Comparison Shopping Support
While most comparison-shopping engines do not offer the merchandise themselves, some may earn commissions when users follow the links in the search results and make a purchase from the online vendor.

Much like a typical search engine, there are comparison shopping engines online where you can search for a particular item and websites will provide a number of selections related to the item of interest. You can compare brands, styles, colors, prices, and value. You may also be able to read reviews from customers who have already purchased the product. More often than not, this type of shopping service is free but there are also shopping clubs you can join, usually for a small annual fee. Shopping clubs generally do the legwork of comparison shopping for you and offer only the best deals.

When you begin comparison shopping, you may also find that buying “economy size” products isn’t always the best value. Some companies trick consumers by simply offering an economy size, since many will assume it is cheaper to purchase a product in bulk. That’s not always the case. Sometimes, the larger package costs more per unit than the regular size option. Comparison shopping helps consumers choose the better value, when they check the price per ounce or price per unit carefully and compare it with similar brands.

Another tip for comparison shopping is to make sure that you don’t blindly use coupons. Coupons do frequently offer good discounts on popular products. Yet, sometimes you’ll find that the particular brand being discounted is more expensive than brands of similar or equal quality, even after the amount on the coupon is subtracted. It definitely pays to shop and compare.

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